Collection: PM2.5 Replacement Filters

We are currently selling 3 packs of PM2.5 filters for $10.00. One filter is included with every mask purchase. PM2.5 filters a good for 1 week of continuous use.

PM2.5 filters are made of  layers of filters and each layer of the filter is designed for a specific type of air pollutant. There are three primary layers:

  • Primary filter – Large particles like dust and pollen are easily filtered out in the primary filter. Particle pollutants like PM10 are also trapped in this filter. However, it cannot remove PM2.5.
  • Particle filter – This filter protects you against smaller pollutants like PM2.5. Particle pollutants that are not removed in the first layer are filtered here. For an air mask to work efficiently, it is important to have a primary and a particle filter.
  • Carbon filter – An activated carbon filter is more commonly found in higher-end pollution masks and is highly efficient in removing gaseous pollutants that other filters cannot. A carbon filter also filters bacteria and viruses present in the air.


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