About Us

girl in pineapple mask


Stephanie Wierzbicki has been in Fashion and Costuming for almost two decades. She is no stranger to imagining and creating cool..Her roots are in fashion design and styling, and has currently been working in wardrobe on some of the  most well known theatre, film and television productions shows that Hollywood North has to offer. 

 When the entertainment industry shut down abruptly, Stephanie who has a live work studio in Liberty Village - Had a lot of time on her hands all of a sudden-  and decided to sew masks to donate and threw together a couple for herself by chopping up fabrics from her own wardrobe.

She researched the effectiveness of different fabrics and mask making methods. Made  and tested a few different designs and prototypes. And when she was  finally satisfied with her product, she posted a photo of herself in a Pineapple mask on Instagram. A few of her friends volunteered to help promote her creations, and the power of social media took over. People started direct messaging and e-mailing  her for their own “fun -yet -functional masks” word spread quickly and  LIBERTY MASKS came to be...