Frequently Asked Questions


 Are your masks medical grade?

No. Our masks are non-medical face coverings with the added safety/benefit of replaceable filters.

Our masks should be used as a physical barrier that may help to prevent the transmission of the virus by blocking the dispersion of large particle respiratory droplets propelled by coughing, sneezing and talking.

You can read more about wearing face coverings here:


What are your masks made of ?

Liberty Masks are made of 100% new or up- cycled pre-washed cotton.

Can I wash them?

Yes you can wash and reuse them but we don’t recommend putting them in the dryer due to shrinkage.

We recommend that hand or machine wash in warm water and your preferred detergent, hang to dry and ironing afterward.

What size am I?

You can use our size chart for general sizing measurements.

Do they come with filters?

Yes, all of our masks come with PM2.5 filters.

What kind of filters do the masks use?

We use PM2.5 filters you can learn more about them here:

How long do the filters last for?

The filters are good for one week of continual use.


Can I wash the filters?

NO! Unfortunately the filters are single use and can’t be washed.

Where can I get more filters?

You can purchase more filters from us through our website or you can order them on Amazon.

Can kids wear masks?

Yes, kids can wear masks, but we don’t supply filters for masks for kids that are four years of age or younger.

Read more about kids and masks here: